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We source our products from many different manufacturers. Sometimes it gets a little tricky because some brands run smaller or larger depending on where they are manufactured. Also, some brands offer both XL and 1X, some skip 1X and count XL as 1X and some brands go from Large to 1X with no XL. 

The best way to know how something fits is to follow these general guidelines below. You can also read the product description to see if it fits true to size (meaning these general guidelines) or you can follow Fig Leaves Boutique on Facebook and watch the fit videos on most items.

You can always ask for guidance through email too at figleavesboutique@yahoo.com. We want you to find the size that's right for you! 

  • Small (2-4)
  • Medium (6-8)
  • Large (10-12)
  • XL (14-16)  
  • 1X (16-18))
  • 2X (18-20)
  • 3X (22-24)